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Luu Breeze is an up and coming rapper from Toronto who is looking to make a huge impact in the rap game. Raised in the east Toronto suburb of Scarborough, Ontario's Orton Park housing complex, this young mc with Nova Scotian roots' talent was first noticed by his older brother at an early age. The tag "ChamPaigne Gang" (the name of his street team) was 1st given to his older cousin(Free H) who got it from the cops, being lucritive in the streets. After Breeze's cousin's incarciration, he adopted the name and along with other artists such as BlueFlame (Pumpie & Baretta) Juss Nice, Cap D, Joel & Illinoy. He is the founder of the "1st Party" movement and with two mixtape out and another on the way, this mc is someone to look out for in the near future.


The Rewind

Bang Bang Feat Cus, Mista Bourne, M-Deezy, Illy & Mayhem Morearty

Break Em Off

Charge it 2 The Game



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