Lil' Gangsta Crips

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Also known as the Junior Crips, the Lil' Gangsta Crips are a youth orientated street gang from the Jamestown Crescent area in the north/west Toronto suburb of Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. This gang was artificially created in the mid 1990s by youths from around the Jamestown and John Garland area influenced by older members of the Jamestown Crew. An opportunistic scavenger gang by nature, members of this gang are bound by age or the various degrees of criminality in which they engage in. It is theorized by Authorities that members of the Lil' Gangsta Crips are sometimes used by older gang members to engage in an array of petty crime until they are old enough to join the more established sets. The racial make up of this gang have traditionally been made up primarily of first generation Canadians of Caribbean descent (mainly from Jamaica) but today consists of the children of recently landed Somali and Ethiopian immigrants. There is no leader, no structure and no hierarchy to this gang and its moniker has been adopted by successive generations of youth within the Jamestown-John Garland-Silverstone community.


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