Ledburry-Banff Crips

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One of the Largest gangs in Ottawa the Ledbury-Banff Crips (LBC) is one of the original crip sets in Ottawa, they emerged from the Southside Crips in the late 90's out of the Ledbury Dr. and Banff St. area . They're activities include: Drug trafficking, Fraud and Prostitution. They've been linked to numerous shootings and violent crimes in the South end and have even stretched out to Calgary with Ottawa Police alleging more than 50 members of the LBC active in the city and more then a 100 others. Nnanyere Obiorah, 25, the alleged leader of the LBC was arrested in an April 2004 Police operation targeting the gang but was shortly released after due to lack of evidence. Their Rivals include the Double R Bloods.

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