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Kebo Gotti is an African-American rapper from Riverdale, Georgia. He grew up on the notorious Grove Street Neighborhood of the South Side of Riverdale, Georgia, he was once signed to Mizay Entertainment, and Brick Squad Monopoly Records, but due to a falling out over money issues he dropped from the label & focused on being an independet music artist, and launching his record label Real Money Enterprises with fellow Riverdale rapper Jimmy Capp Carter. He is well known for his feud with childhood friends & rappers Waka Flocka & Slim Dunkin, where in one incident Kebo Gotti & Slim Dunkin met up for a street fight, in which was filmed and placed on Youtube, after the fight Kebo Gotti was seen squashing the beef & giving Slim Dunkin a ride home to avoid him from getting arressted when the cops were on their way on the scene, this had many to believe that this was publicity stunt set up by the rappers. When Kebo Gotti heard the news that his friend Slim Dunkin had died he was saddened by it and said that even though him & Slim Dunkin's beef was long squashed before his death, he wishes they could have been close friends like they used to be & wished that the whole incident never happened between him, Slim Dunkin, and Waka Flocka in the first place.




  • Before Slim Dunkin died him & Kebo Gotti squashed their beef after they got into a fight.