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Radio station that broadcasted from Crenshaw in South Central LA, and was devoted to local underground Hip Hop. The musical director of KDAY was Greg Mack, and he single handedly turned NWA from an unknown group to superstars. It signed Dr. Dre and DJ Yella in 1983 to broadcast their own Mix Show, as the Wreckin' Crew. "It (KDAY) was percieved as a Rap station cause we played rap no one else would" (Greg Mack, as interviewed by Brian Cross in the book "It's not about a salarie"). KDAY was sold in 1990, and was turned into a business network. The defunct radio station symbolizes to a lot of rappers coming out of LA area the shutting down of black voice in America. "This is K-Eazy E, wassup y'all this is Greg Mack, Mack Attack" -- Eazy-E (Radio [1988]).

KDAY came back on the air in 2004, promising "Hip Hop from Today and Back in the Day." 93.5 on your FM dial in Los Angeles.

Weblink: http://www.blackradiostations.org