Jungle City Goonz

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Formally known as the Jungle Posse, the Jungle City Goonz are the latest incarnation of roaming street gang members hailing from the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood in the Downsview section of North York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Once police successfully dismantled the Jungle Posse, area youths who regarded older members of the gang as role models banded together, with little to no structure or guidance, and began to identify themselves under the Bloods "card" during the mid to late 1990's. They are rivals of the Five Point Generalz, Up-Top Driftwood Crips, the Trethewey Gangster Crips, the VR Troopers and Pelham Park Bloods.


Jungle City Goon Tagging in Lawrence Heights



fuk da jungle, bunch a gorrila niggas...5pg'z run lawrence w homie

jungle city goonz are more infamously known for robbing


Mayhem Morearty- Anythings Possible