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  1. Jack Hedges still owns your asses. New and up to date version - Jack 6.0: Get it now.. "Jack will always be the best" - Jack Hedges (2005) AGAIN.
  2. The best in the world. "Jack Hedges rules your asses." - Jack Hedges (2005)
  3. To rob someone face to face. "Lets see who the fuck I'ma jack today" -- Ice Cube (Robin hood ).
  4. To steal a car while someone is driving it. "...and you always down to jack a bitch fo her ride then you might be gang related" -- AnyBody Killa (gang related)
  5. Shortened form of the name of the Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniels. "I wanna have a good time and enjoy my Jack, sit back and watch the women get drunk as hell." Ludacris - Get Back '04
  6. Getting beat up. "He got jawjacked." meaning they busted his jaw.
  7. Masturbating. Sometimes "jack off."



  1. Nothing, "I ain't got jack to give you".
  2. Money.
  3. Phone, cellular phone wu-tang "miss, gimme ya jack, aw shit, low battery..."