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Izzy is a block along the Islington strip. 2063 - 2067 Islington Ave.(Islington Ave. and Saint Andrews Blvd.) It is located in Rexdale, Ontario. It is said by local residents that this block claims alliance to the Crips. It is also aligned with various Crips sets in the Islington & Rexdale area and is also part of The Elms Connections or otherwise reffered to as Rexlington.


It is said to be one of Dixon's most rivaled neighberhood. Izzy is a drug-infested neigberhood. It was considerd a major threat in the late 90's but changed over the years due to heavy police presence, gang members had to relocate and leave the area. The area is still known for its drugs, guns, and violence.

Rapsheet Dvd - They Dont Know


Whos talkin' weight



Hold it down Niggah Izzy - Rx

Czzzzzzzzz up IZZY STR8 GUN SHOTS