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Found In Brownsburg, Indiana

Founded By Norris “Airplane” Keller (Ruthless Klan)

Years Active 1970-Present

Territory Unknown

Ethnicity White and some Hispanic

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Murder, Assault, Drug Trafficking, Extortion, Racketeering, Arm Trafficking, Arm Robbery, Money Laundering and Prostitution

Allies Taz gang, Pure Ones, Nazi Low Riders, 311 Boys, Aryan Brotherhood, Skinheads, the Nation, the Septembers gang and various gang

Enemies Black Squad Mafia Holo Families, Zoner Nation, Black Guerrilla Family, Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, People Nation and various other gangs

Ruthless Klan's Forming

INK was started as the Keller Boys by Norris Keller in 1970. Reports state the formation was inspired by smaller gang emulating greasers. Norris grow a hatred towards black people, while being raised in southern Mississippi. He lead a small crew of kids that ran around harassing black people. He would expand his reach in membership carrying out wars against smaller groups until they submit into joining. They would first go by the Keller Boy's until 1974 engaging war with the Ruthless Casper's and Ghost Rider Klan. They would street fight for power until the leaders of Ruthless Casper's and Ghost Rider Klan family moved. Norris held a meeting with the two gangs and pushed on them to merge. They only agree to merge if they could retain there name. So all three eventually dropped there name and merge as Ruthless Klan.

War Against Black Squad

By 1978 they shared territory with a Hispanic gang known as Taz. They had a quite peace agreement. 1980 Black Squad a black gang wanting to expand came to Brownsburg. Black Squad members offered cashes to operate and share the territory with the three gangs. Norris still leader refused and ran the members off into Bloomington, Indiana. Out in Bloomington Black Squad members aligned forces with four unknown gangs and returned back to Brownsburg, Indiana. They offered the same but was denied again. Whats not said about this story is that Norris killed a member of Black Squad days later and left the body on the front of the victims mother car in 1981. The murder of Norris brother followed the same year. Peace arose from the two murders for months until 1982. In 1982 the two forces meet in a small gun battle out in Chicago, Illinois with three people dying. From these actions they would fight March 19, 1983 with a very narrow win going to Black Squad. With the win on Black Squad side they went to both sides hoping they could have a cease fire and a peaceful partnership. Black Squad went to Taz who at that point played neutral. They offered them the terms of peace as well as a chance to join up and align under the Black Squad banner. Taz refused and joined Ruthless Klan instead. An doing so the three forces would fight amongst themselves for years.

New Policy

Norris lead Ruthless Klan to drug trafficking outside of Brownsburg and into other cities that soon board the Ruthless Klan name. They would fight against Black Squad's membership and edge to create strongholds in cities. In 1987 Norris fell into a downward spiral of depression. This caused him to lose a lot of support from his members who eventually elected a new leader to take over until Norris could get back on his feet. Norris would commit suicide on April 10, 1988. The leader that was elected was Bernie “Shades” Glasgow. He was raised under his fathers teachings of the Klu Klux Klan. He reorganized Ruthless Klan into chapters, a structure and a book of commandments. He created a loose affiliation with the Aryan Brotherhood and Septembers gang. Bernie then moved the headquarters from Brownsburg, Indiana to Brentwood, Tennessee. Thou they evolved into a organization Bernie couldn't stop members from a gang mentality. Many of the members faced jail time from robbery as well as creating off springs, with many of them breaking into the motorcycle club world. Bernie would turn drug profits into clean own businesses. Bernie would go to prison in 1996 from RICO. Ruthless Klan would slowly lose there grip in the underworld leading many to believe they were dormant. They would make a come back on the west coast pushing into city such as California, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon.

A Change On Tattoo's

Black Squad pushed back on Ruthless Klan with the establishing of the Respect Of Youngsters. This was a campaign to recruit new blood. This would go into Black Squads favor again in Nevada, California and Colorado. Ruthless Klan went thought a blight of arrest resulting and the younger members to wage a last assault in 2008. They would join forces with Taz for the last time to fight it out with Black Squad's newly formed Holo gang. This war would be the boost for both sides and result in the last act of there past. Holo would come up as the victor with many of the Ruthless member fleeing. This gave way to Holo's short campaign and motto ”Either You Holo or You Swallow”. This motto was meet with punishment for the members who didn't submit to the terms of joining Holo's ranks. The members who got away with there lives reformed into INK. The Taz gang stayed behind forming a cease fire and a unofficial affiliation with Holo. INK has since continual to fight against Holo affiliates gaining many allies among the way. It is unknown who leads INK. INK today hasn't joined under any umbra but works independently in the shadows going back to smaller crimes said to be biting time to strike back full force again.


INK is a low level gang that operates under the radar working as foot soldiers to more powerful gangs. INK is a acronym for Insane ****** Killer. They don't sport colors or gang signs, but they are always seen wearing a 19 which at the time of Ruthless Klan it was to have been said to be a secret number.


INK requires a person who wants to join to go thorough a period of about 14 months to two years. The member is require to prove they are welling to do anything for the gang. They are also given time to learn the laws, terms and history of the gang. Before being accepted amongst there ranks they are given a blood oath which is only given when the person has completed a contract for the gang. Once enter into the gang there is no way out. They are required to follow every law, term and level of structure and aren't to put anything before the gang. They don't allow women in there ranks or outside race besides white and Hispanic.


  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Principle
  • Captain
  • Grunt
  • Prospect

Chairman is the leader and oversees every action of the charter he is in charge of everyone is not matched in power. Vice Chairman is second in command and is responsible for the day to day operations of the gang. Under him is Principle who acts as the financial adviser and charter lawman. He is in charge of taking notes from every meeting and most keep up with the laws and terms as well as funnel orders down to the underlings. Captains are the members who are in charge of there set of soldiers who are known as grunts. They are in charge of making sure every order is followed. Grunts are the soldiers and most follow all orders hand down no matter what. They are also the overseer’s of prospects and most make sure the prospect goes thorough everything needed prove they are INK material. Prospects are the bottom of the bottom and most go to a captain and order to be accept as a prospect of the gang. They then are handed down task as well as paper work to complete and remember. If they make the cut there are promoted with full membership as INK.