Ghetto Boys

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The Ghetto Boys were a small subset of the larger Jamestown Crew founded in the early 1990's by wayward youths from Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. This small group of childhood friends were among the first sets to claim the Rexdale Crips card in Toronto's west end. In its early conception, the Ghetto Boys were nothing more than a loose-knit group of friends from the Rexdale area, but as members grew older and began to engage in a variety of more serious criminal activities, they soon caught the attention of local authorities and was deemed a serious criminal threat. Today, founding members who have not met their end to gang violence have either moved on with life or disassociated with the gang. Some young and aspiring gang members from Rexdale adopted the name, but do not necessarily share any connections with founding members. The Ghetto Boys were long time rivals of the Mount Olive Crips and Ardwick Blood Crew.