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The Get Mad Crew were one of the first street gangs to develop in the Kingston-Galloway neighbourhood of West hill in south Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. This Toronto based street gang was made up almost exclusively of West Indian immigrants who arrived in Canada during the 1970's and 1980's. At the time, authorities claim there were two main 'gang leaders' in Galloway: Omar Lloyd Demetrius, known on the street as "O", and Gary Eunick, who in 2005 was convicted of murdering an unarmed man in a suburban nightclub over a $10 cover charge[1]. Eunick and Demetrius were the original leaders of the Get Mad Crew (according to police who also alleged they sold crack and marijuana). Their tattoo was a “mad-face” with “No fear” being the gang's motto. On Aug. 21, 1999 Demetrius was at a popular West Indian takeout restaurant on Kingston Road when he opened fired on a patron striking him 3 times, but not killing him. He was picked up in July 2000 coming back into Canada under his own name [2]. In November 2001, a jury convicted Demetrius of attempted murder. He spent several years behind bars before being deported to Jamaica in 2005. He snuck back into Canada — again — and in October 2007 was arrested for firing several shots into the air at a Scarborough restaurant. This gang would set the foundation and was inspiration for the Galloway Boys.

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