Fresh Off the Boat Killers

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The Fresh Off the Boat Killers (or FK) consist of a collective of street level drug dealers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This gang was founded by former members of the Fresh Off the Boat street gang. The two gangs emerged from a group of high school friends who dealt drugs together, but later went their separate ways. Fighting between the gangs started with knives and has escalated into shootings that have killed at least 12 people since 2002. Today, membership of this gang consist of youths and young adults from an array of different backgrounds who still engage in the street level distribution of narcotics. Most new members are unaware of what initially caused the rift between the two groups, but the hatred for one another are so entrenched, most do not raise the question. Allies include the Redd Alert, Crazy Dragons and the United Nations.


Gang Members Warned Not to Attend Funeral of Slain Friend

3 FK Members Denied Bail

1 Dead in Drive-By Shooting