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Frankie Payne (aka Jugganot) is a street rapper from Falstaff Avenue in Toronto, Canada who has been on the scene since the age of thirteen. He was first introduced to rapping when he was recruited by some of his local friends into a local group called Split Decision (See Graphidi Logik). During that time they released a video titled "Bubble Gum". It was a commercial tune that opened the eyes of the Canadian music industry and forced them to take urban music in Canada more serious. In 2000, Frankie and some of his friends decided to start an independent label called Brown Bricks Entertainment and under the alias Jugganot, he released a solo album called ”Everythings For A Reason”. Even though no major label backed this album, it made a huge impact on Frankie's career landing him the opportunity to open for Jadakiss and Heltah Skeltah among others. Tracks like “Oh Canada”, became the first Canadian Hip Hop song to stand undefeated on J-wyze's (FLOW 93.5) Soundclash and “Paradise” completely dominated the Canadian underground Hip Hop community. Since then, he has released two mixed CD's “Reality Check” and “Realtalks”. He has been featured on “The Do It Right" Remix with Juice aka Rochester, “The Hood is Here” Remix with Jelleestone, and most recently the “I Was Born And Raised In The Ghetto “ Remix with Point Blank. He started off the summer of 2008 with the highly successful single and video for “Reach (For My City)”. Now operating independently Frankie Payne is about to break the mold. Everything that has happen prior to this has merely been training for what’s to come. Now more mature, more intelligent and most importantly more experienced, Frankie is gearing up for multiple releases this summer that will include a mixtape and the official release of “Money” and “Raining”.