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The Five Point Generalz are a small tight-knit group of individuals with origins to Toronto's west end, particularly the Weston Road area. This gang was conceived by five original members nick named the 5 Generals (hence the name), but quickly gained numbers as they recruited other local thugs into their ranks. The 5PGz (as they are referred to) are a roaming territorial street gang whose members have adopted the tradition of sporting tattoos to show their affiliation rather than the wearing of colours like other local gangs. The 5PGz first gained notoriety after one of its members was implicated in the shooting death of 11-year-old Ephriam Brown who was caught between what police describe as a gun fight between two rivals [1] (the two accused would later be acquitted of those charges [2]). The 5PGz also made headlines when one of its members was killed while attending the funeral of an associate of the gang [3], who was also cut down by gunfire on Eglinton Ave. West [4]. Although drug trafficking is their main source of income, the Five Point Generalz are more infamously known as trigger-happy stick-up artists for robbing would-be and established drug dealers alike, gaining them many enemies throughout the GTA. The 5PGz claim a stretch of Weston Road between Eglinton Ave. West north to Lawrence Ave. West in the Mount Dennis community as their turf. This includes 5 Bellevue Crescent and 1890 Weston Road (Mario's Brothers Restaurant) as well as 1946 Weston Road (The Central Bar and Grill). Members have also been known to frequent unit 2012 at 25 Martha Eaton Way, also referred to as "The Fort", putting them in direct conflict with established street gangs already inhabiting that area. Their main rivals would include the South Side Gatorz, the South Side Falstaff Crips, Trethewey Gangster Crips, Up-Top Driftwood Crips, Mount Olive Crips, the Humberline Rexdale Crips, Jungle City Goonz, Ardwick Blood Crew, Pelham Park Bloods and the VR Troopers gang. In May, 2010, Police made 71 arrests during pre-dawn raids in the GTA and Ottawa area as part of an investigation into two street gangs in northwest Toronto. "Project Corral", which began in August in response to a spike in violent crime, focused on rival gangs the Falstaff Crips and the Five Point Generalz [5]. Police seized 19 firearms, $30,000 cash, $10,500 in casino cheques, more than 10,000 ecstasy pills, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, hashish oil, diamonds, body armour and motor vehicles. The investigation also uncovered that a third international criminal organization with roots in Jamaica, the Shower Posse, help facilitate the criminal activities of the Falstaff Crips and the Five Point Generals by supplying them with narcotics and weapons [6].

R.I.P. Romaine Lawerence aka G.P [7]

R.I.P Jamal Hemmings aka Dipz October 9 1988 to November 9 2005 [8]

R.I.P Amon Beckles aka Puff July 18 1987 to Nov 18 2005 [9]

R.I.P Daniel Lewis [10]


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Its funny how you guys have everything wrong...5pg int beefing with other gangs theres disagreements that happen in the past because everyone went to the same schools....jamall hemmings,amon Beckles,and daniel Lewis are not apart of 5PG so stop sprending false rumors everyone knows that they are not 5PG and i dont appreciate you guys saying that about them because we are all close...Amon didnt have a nickname his name on the street was amon,jamall had the nickname DIPs from since middle school and Daniel Lewis aka Goon was giving that name because of the way he dressed....they were never i repeat ever apart of far as the murder case of ephraim the people who were there dont even know what their talking about because the two accuse of murdering him are friends that wont turn on dare you guys label him as a gang member when they have no proof of them being in a gang...weston rd to keele and eglinton we are all family because we all went to the same school and the same after school ur research before talking bad about the most amazing people i had in my life that was taking away from me...Romain lawrence is the only one That died who was from WESTON ROAD and we miss my homie like guys are speculating what you think happen and if u guys knew what happen their murders would of been solved a long time ago