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Eminem aka Slim Shady is a Caucasian rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor from Detroit, Michigan. He grew up on the notorious 8Mile neighborhood. Eminem has two daughters which is often mentions in his songs, but does not get along with the chids mothers, neither does Eminem get along with his own mother, he's stated several times that she was abusive throughout his childhood and never showed him and love, he often felt alone. Eminem is the founder and ceo of his record label Shady Aftermath Records, which is a hip hop & r&b record label that is branched off of Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, and Interscope Records. Eminem also has a rap group called D12(music group) which other than himself include fellow Detroit rappers Kuniva(rapper), Swifty McVay, and Fuzz Scoota, former members of the group were rappers Bugz(rapper), ]]Bizarre(rapper)]], Kon Artis(rapper), and desceased rapper Proof(rapper).

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  • Eminem has two daughters.
  • Eminem is from Detroit's notorious 8Mile neighborhood.