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The Eglinton West Crips (or Eglinton West Crew/EWC) is an African Canadian street gang operating out of the Little Jamaica section of Eglinton Ave. West in north/west Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This gang derived from the now defunct Front Page Gangsters gang which was founded around the mid 1990's by local high school friends. The EWC gets its name from Eglinton Ave. West, a main road that runs through the heart of their territory, which is centered around the Keele street and Eglinton Ave. West area but stretches from west of Caledonia Road in the east towards Black Creek Drive in the west. Also connected to this gang are the New Born Assassins and the 3PG; many of whom have family members or associates connected with the Eglinton West Crips gang. Members of the EWC are involved in street robberies, theft, distribution of narcotics, and are known to carry firearms. Like many other Toronto street gangs, the Eglinton West Crips have fluid membership with little to no hierarchy, but are believed to be armed with a high tendency for violence. Their enemies include the VR Troopers and the Trethewey Gangster Crips. Members of the Eglinton West Crips have shown to have a loose affiliation with the Five Point Generalz, who they share a stretch of Eglinton Ave. West with, as well as with the South Side Gatorz; who are also friendly towards the Eglinton West Crips.

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