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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the provincial capital of Alberta and the largest northern city in North America. Edmonton is also known as E-Town. The city is located on the North Saskatchewan River in the central region of the province, an area with some of the most fertile farmland on the prairies. It is the second largest city in Alberta, with a population of 752,412 (2008), and is the hub of Canada's sixth-largest census metropolitan area, 1,081,300 making it the northern most North American city with a metropolitan population over one million.



Abbottsfield, Alberta Avenue, Balwin, Belvedere, Beverly, Calder, Callingwood, Castle Downs, Clareview, Cromdale, Delton, Delwood, Dickinsfield, Duggan, Eastwood, Glastonbury, Inglewood, Jasper East, Jasper Place, Killarney, Kingsway, Londonderry, McCauley, McDougall, Mill Woods, Norwood, Old Strathcona, Oliver, Petrolia, Queen Mary Park, Sherwood Park, Southwood, St. Albert, Westmount

Fuck The Police

The Edmonton Police Survice (EPS) has such a reputation for regular misconduct that it was mentioned in a US State Department's annual report on human rights. It stated that Edmonton police were accused of using excessive force when responding to minor infractions in the tourist district and other instances of excessive force. Among other incidents, police allegedly knocked a man to the ground for jaywalking, repeatedly kicked a person for swearing at officers and repeatedly hit a handcuffed person in the face. This type of behavior is extremely common and has become the status quo.

Edmonton Police Watch Edmonton Police Watch is dedicated to monitoring and tracking human rights abuses and misconduct by members of the Edmonton Police Service.

Organized Crime

88 o'z, Alberta Warriors, Crazy Dragons, Crazy Dragon Killaz, Hells Angels, Indian Posse, Mill Woods Mafia, MS-13, Native Syndicate, Redd Alert, Southside Ridaz, The Family, United Nations, West End Jamaicans, White Boy Posse,


Jae Maze/DoloMite, Brothers Grim, Cadence Weapon, Politic Live, Team Rezofficial, Prosper, Peep Game, The Representatives, Self, Deezy Tha Don, Cashew, Truth, Gifted Thugz , Spice Boys

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