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The East Mall is a street in West Etobicoke, bordered by Eglinton Ave W, and Evans Ave. It was designed as a middle-high class residence in the 1960s. Since the early 90s, The East Mall has become crime infested and many buildings have been reconstructed into Public-Housing.


Most of the Crime located in the East Mall is located in the strip between Rathburn Road (to the North) and Burnhamthorpe Road (to the South). In a small road known as Capri Road, the cluster of buildings located their, most especially the Capri Towers, have been transformed into Public Housing settlements, and are the home to many gangs and crime foundations. This neigborhood is primarily part of the Crip Gang. Buildings around this area like: Chelsea Gardens are also home to much crime. The East Mall has more power and control over terriory than the West Mall does, making it one of Etobicoke's streets with most potential.