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The East Side (E/S) East Coast Crips are a large and infamous African-American umbrella gang consisting of many different neighborhoods on the east side of South Los Angeles, California. Despite the name's suggestion, the East Coast Crips retain no connections to the east coast of the United States, but rather it is in reference to being east of the 110 Harbor Freeway which acts as a divider between East Los Angeles and West Los Angeles. This gang derived from Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips and was formed in the late 1960s. They are one of the largest African-American street gangs and Crip sets in Los Angeles. With the demographics in East Los Angeles changing from predominately African-American to Hispanic, this gang has grown to incorporate factions outside of the South Los Angeles region over the years such as the 190 East Coast Blocc Crips out of Carson, California and the 1200 East Coast Blocc Crips in the unincorporated community of Riverside, California. Although they are an East Side Crips gang, the East Coast Crips are affiliated with the Neighbor Hood Crips card making them allies of most gangs under the Deuce(2x), Rollin 0’s and Blocc Crips card. Despite their affiliations, it should be noted that the East Coast Crips have long standing relationships with gangs falling under the Gangster Crips or Tray(3x) card as well such as the 4 Pacc Crips, 73 Gangster Crips, 87 Gangster Crips and 97 Gangster Crips. The alliance between the East Coast Crips and their Gangster Crip allies is referred to as the "Movin' Coast to Coast" alliance. This partnership came about due to the shared hatred for common enemies such as the Hoover Criminals, who were at one time among the most revered street gang in Los Angeles. After Stanley "Tookie" Williams was incarcerated and the death of Raymond Lee Washington, the leadership of the Crips were decimated. Rumors of The Hoovers involvement in Raymond Lee Washington's murder spread through out Los Angeles. As a result, the East Coast Crips severed ties with the Hoover Criminals (then known as "The Hoover Crips") and began an all out war which is still active til this day. In addition to The Hoovers, the East Coast Crips have been locked in warfare with a multitude of rival gangs over the years, one of the longest being the 3 decade long war with the Mad Swan Bloods gang to the south of their territory. Other Blood rivals include the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods (located to the far north/east of their turf), Harvard Park Brims, Van Ness Gangster Brims, Fruit Town Brims, Center View Piru, Athens Park Bloods, the Be-Bop Watts Bishop Bloods and the Family Swan Bloods. Known Crip rivals include the 52 Broadway Gangster Crips (north/west), the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips (north), the Kitchen Crips, 51 Trouble Gangster Crips, the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, Compton Avenue Crips, the Gardena Shotgun Crips, the Nutty Blocc Compton Crips, all Main Street Mafia Crips, all Hoover Criminals and more recently, the Grape Street Watts Crips. But their fiercest battle to date is the on-going one with the Mexican Mafia backed Florencia 13. It is believed that the East Coast Crips robbed a Latino street gang for a large amount of narcotics, which Authorities theorized prompted the Mexican Mafia to send a "green light" for gang members under the Sureños umbrella to attack, not only African-American gang members, but non-affiliated Blacks as well [1]. Other Hispanic rivals include the Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats, MS-13, Primera Flats, The Mob Crew, 4th Street Flats, L.A. Dukes 13, Clarence Street Locos and the 18th Street Gang.


East Coast Crips "Hit-up". The entire hand forms an "E", while the middle finger and thumb form a "C". Sometimes gangs will tag their hand symbols – their gang signs.


1st Street East Coast Crips

59 East Coast Crips

6 Pacc cliques

62 East Coast Neighbor Hood Crips

66 East Coast Crips

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89 East Coast Neighbor Hood Crips

97 East Coast Crips

Q102 East Coast Crips

118 East Coast Blocc Crips

190 East Coast Blocc Crips

1200 East Coast Blocc Crips


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