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  1. Ten dollar bag of marijuana. Due to price variations the price may actually be higher for the same bag.
  2. "To drop a bomb", to fink. The term has its origins in a scam perpetrated primarily by hotel bellhops, upon request, to gain information on hotel patrons. The scam is described in the short story "The Price of a Dime" by noted pulp writer Norbert Davis, originally published in the April 1934 issue of Black Mask. In the story, a woman has come to see private dick Ben Shaley for help with her brother, Bennie Petersen, a bellhop who has gotten himself into trouble with a film director named Van Bilbo.

    "Well, Bennie took some ginger ale up to a party on the seventh floor of the hotel. This party tipped him a dime. Bennie was coming down the hall to the elevator. He had the dime in his hand, and he was flipping it up in the air like George Raft does in movies. But Bennie dropped the dime on the floor. He was just leaning over to pick it up when Mr. Van Bilbo came out of the rooms and saw him, and now he's going to have Bennie arrested."

    Shaley leaned back in his chair. "So," he said quietly. "The old dropped dime gag. Bennie dropped a dime in front of a keyhole, and he was looking through the keyhole for the dime, when Van Bilbo caught him at it, huh?"
  3. A pretty woman; ten as in a rating on a woman's beauty. "Niggaz say you a 3 I think you a dime" -- D-12 (U R The One) [1]
  4. Also known for shooting up as doing 10 mils in liquid.
  5. Slang for an assist in basketball, as in 'to drop a dime'. Origin is unknown, but it could possibly come from the fact that good shooters are a 'dime a dozen', while good passers are harder to find.