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DPC, or Da Pimp Class, hails from the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce section of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its members: Rookie, Acapa, Kyze, Mistic, Jay Passo, Mirahz are NDGers who, in a short span of time(06-07), have pumped out four CDs illustrating the realities of growing up poor in the NDG also known as (D.G)

Group Releases

02-th_DPCTop-covercopie.jpg Class In Session : Period 1 Released : 2006

04-th_DPC-OFFICIALFRONTCOVER-PERIOD.jpg Class In Session : Period 2 Released : 2006

05-th_ClassInSession_Front.jpg Class In Session : Period 3 Released : 2007

Other Releases

01-th_acapa32kjhkkhg8989898.jpg Montreal City Released : 2005

03-th_dpc4.jpg Making Money, Making Moves Released : 2006

06-th_item.jpg Class In Session : Recess Time Released : 2007 (Online)

Official website

[1]-DA PIMP CLASS WEBSITE - dapimpclass.com


Where U From

On The Block

CBC News Canada-Interview

External Links

DPC's MySpace myspace.com/dpcpimpclass

A new hip-hop anthem for their ’hood


(NDG)No damn good