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  1. Oldsmobile Cutlas and Cutlas Supreme, many quotes using the word cut or cutty refer to this car, 80's version popular among thugs and rappers. "I glance in the cut and I see my homey Nate" is quoted below as looking behind, when in fact it was probably him looking in the Cutlas, the car, and seeing Nate.
  2. A record, the latest hit. "Rip the cut!" -- Just Ice (Back to the old school)
  3. "On the cut" means "in charge of cutting and scratching", in other words: the DJ. "Cuz I'm on the mic and Eric B is on the cut" -- Eric B. and Rakim (Move the Crowd) [1]
  4. A recently received haircut.
  5. To continuosly talk about someone "cuttin ass" on that person.
  6. A footpath created by people cutting through the same path to travel, or meet. areas of high drug transactions are common reasons for cuts "Jump outta the hottie, move me body, hittin' them cuts and trails. Runnin' like we're lunatics" Layzie Bone (No Surrender)
  7. "In The Cut" means to be on the side. So if someone states,"Im Grindin in the Cut." It means, "Im Working On the Side"



  1. To cut wax means to scratch a record. Cutting and scratching are two techniques DJs use when mixing records on the turntables. "J-a-y are the letters of his name, cutting and scratching are the aspects of his game" -- Run-D.M.C. (Jam Master Jay)
  2. To break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. "He was cheating on me so I cut him."
  3. To stab or slice somebody with a knife or razorblade: "Don't make me hop out and cut you nigga right across ya neck" -- Soulja Slim featuring Lil Real One, Kayotic Da Kid, Twelve A Klok (Fuck You Nigga) [2]
  4. To penetrate a female
  5. To stick up for somebody "The only people i cut for is my blood!"
  6. To mix a substance into a drug to make more quantity without the cost.