Crip Walk

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Crip Walk

The Crip Walk is a "Turf Dance" preformed by the Crips. OG Crip Walkin Stands Still and if done correctly can either spell "Fuck Bloods" or the name of the person doing the walk.

"I keep a Blue flag hangin out my back side Yea thats the Crip Side" -- Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop is a well known Crip (Rolling 20s Long Beach Crip) if some of his videos he shows small parts of himself Crip walking.

"Get your walk on" -- Xzibit, a song dedicated to the Crip Walk (in the music video you can see clear crip walking)

Crip Walking Made Easy

Stand with an intimidating pose first, like an OG Gangster. Take your left foot and put it on your heel, then hop and do the same thing with your right foot. Keep doing this moving from different areas. Mix it in with a little shuffle. To do a shuffle, stand with your feet together. Get on your toes and then slide from side to side three times. Repeat the crip walk.

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