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The Crazy Dragons were once an exclusively Asian based street gang started by the children of Vietnamese immigrants in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the mid 90's. But recently this gang has been recruiting Caucasian males and females into their ranks as well. Considered by police to be one of the biggest gangs in the city with over 250 solid members, the Crazy Dragons are a well organized conglomerate with fluid membership spreading through Alberta and Saskatchewan. Not only do they keep close ties to traditional Chinese organized crime groups, but they also keep a working relationship with Biker gangs as well. They have spread to almost every small town and city in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The Crazy Dragons are known to be the cause of many gang related murders in and around Edmonton. The CDK (Crazy Dragon Killaz) are their arch rivals; formed by former Crazy Dragons members. Violent confrontations with the Redd Alert and Alberta Warriors have been documented by police as well but the Crazy Dragons retain connections with gangs from other cities such as the Indian Posse branch in Edmonton and the Fresh Off the Boat gang in Calgary.


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