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Chris Stokes is an African-American music artist from Los Angeles, California, who is the older cousin former r&b singers Raz B, and Ricky Romance. He's mentored & helped mold the careers of several music artists/groups, such as IMX(music group), Marques Houston, Romeo(singer), LDB(singer), Half Pint(singer), B2K(music group), Omarion(singer), Lil Fizz, Raz B, Ricky Romance, O'Ryan(singer), and Marques Houston's younger cousin J-Boog, just to name a few. His younger cousin Raz B accused him of molesting him, as well as the rest of the former B2K(music group) members when they were underaged, these accusations haven't been proven as of yet, he's also on bad terms with his other cousin Ricky Romance, who is siding with their cousin Raz B on the accusations, Marques Houston, who is a good friend of Chris Stokes has also been accused by Raz B for these accusations.