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Located off of Jane Street, north of Wilson Avenue in the Downsview section of North York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Chalkfarm Drive is a residential street consisting of middle class homes with four high rises situated on it as well. The towers — 160, 170, 180 and 200 Chalkfarm Drive are mainly occupied by new immigrants from the Caribbean, South Asia and various African nations. The street is near two elementary schools and Chalkfarm Park, which runs along the banks of Black Creek. Chalkfarm Drive has historically suffered from a high crime rate with exposure to drugs, gang activity and intra-race violence. Chalkfarm (now referred to as "The Oaks" since being taken over by new management) is the turf for a gang calling itself the Chalkfarm Bloods, one of about 25 gangs that police consider a serious criminal threat.


Officers Raid Buildings in Human Trafficking Investigation.

Tenants Fight For Chalkfarm

Three Shot Behind Chalkfarm Drive

Man Fatally Stabbed in Chalkfarm Apartment

13 Year Old Stabbed March 7, 2007

Youth Shot in The Neck and Left to Die