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The West Side (W/S) Center Park Bloods are a small, yet long standing, primarily African-American street gang from the west side of Inglewood, California. This gang have been active since the 1970s. Their neighborhood lays north of the Imperial Hwy between Prairie Avenue to the west and Crenshaw Blvd. to the east, between 107th street in the north to 111th Place. The Center Park Bloods originally began as a branch of the Inglewood Family Gang until the O.G.s of their neighborhood decided to branch out on their own. They are rivals of the Mad Ass Gangster Crips, Imperial Village Crips, Tonga Crips Gang, Osage Legend Crips and the Raymond Avenue Crips. They have also had past conflicts with the Weirdoz Gangster Bloods. However, they are are friendly towards the Inglewood Family Gang and the Avenue Piru Gang.


107 CPBs

111 CPBs


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