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Originally known as the "L.A. Brims", The Brims (aka the "Hat Gang") were 1 of the original street gangs that helped form the Blood Alliance along with other gangs such as the Pirus, the Bishops, the Denver Lane Bloods (only known as the Denver Lanes back then), Athens Park Bloods (simply known as the Athens Boys before the Blood Alliance) and the Black P. Stones. These gangs all had been independently active since 1969 and 1970, before the Blood Alliance was formed. A meeting between these gangs was called on Piru Street in Compton, California by The Pirus, who had also invited every other independent street gang at war with the Crips in L.A. County to join the meeting. In 1972, The Crips had murdered an L.A. Brim member by the name of "Lil Country" earlier that year, so the Brims attended the meeting as well. By 1972, the Pirus, Brims, Black P. Stones and several other neighborhoods began to fight with the Crips and the rivalry between Crips and Bloods was born. Today, the Brim Banner is carried by 3 different sets under the Blood Alliance:

Brim Sets

Brims/Blood Alliance Ranks

(These ranks don't determine leadership they just determine how long a members has been representing the gang)

  • L.G. (Little Gangster) - members ages 8-12
  • L.Y.G. (Little Young Gangster) - members ages 13-17
  • Y.G. (Young Gangster) - after 0 active years of banging after the age of 18
  • O.Y.G. (Original Young Gangster) - after 5 active years of banging after the age of 18
  • O.G. (Original Gangster) - after 10 active years of banging
  • O.O.G. (Double O.G.) - after 20 active years of banging
  • O.O.O.G. (Tripple O.G.) - after 30 active years of banging




Various Artists- Hit Yo Brimin