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Sahan Salinda Liyanarachchi (born December 25, 1989), better known by his stage name Bounce, is a Sri Lankan Rapper. He was a nasty kid , but well known as a real brother around his boys. He sacrificed his life to Hip hop when he was a little kid. He began his music career as a member of ' Nasty Four ' Hip hop Group . But due to the sudden death of his brother in 2006 , he had to come to Italy. Later he associated with his long-time Hip hop partner Eighty to make a Hip hop duo called " Up in C " . Then both of them joined with ' B Thugs ' to make NWO and he is representing it by rapping and promoting the crew. As Eighty forced him to make rhymes , now he keeps his eyes on bars while he is having a very busy life with work and other stuff.


Early life

Sahan Salinda grew up around Gonawala , Colombo. Because his parents had to leave for Italy to work , he was so closed to his elder brother Chamara Liyanarachchi. The neighborhood he had to deal with was like ' Your life is Hip hop ' . He addicted to it and wore Streets Clothes. Those times , Hip hop was not even carried a huge popularity among Sri Lankans and also the current so-called Sri Lankan rappers were not even heard the name ' Hip hop ' . So the people looked at such youngsters like Bounce in a strange way. It was a hard time to him.' Nasty Four ' was the result , a hip hop crew with his closed friends. He still reminds his very first rap line

" Bounce is my name and weed is my god "

But it just limited to the name. They had no chances to bring their crew up. Interim , he and his brother met with an accident in March 02 , 2006. Four days later , on March 07 his brother was died. Bounce was injured a lot. Eventhough he did recovered later , he was very stressed and depressed about the incident. Then his parents brought him to Italy.

Music Career

Changes in hip hop life

He met his family friend Eighty in Italy again.They renewed their freindship and became closed friends quickly. Bounce always loved to call Eighty " Podi Eka " ( The Little One ) . But he knew that his homeboy got a big talent.So he began to show him the way to hip hop in a good way.

Eighty still reminds " Bounce never asked me to smoke packs , pimp hoes or ball around the streets. He just wanted me to learn the culture ".

Soon they made up a hip hop duo called ' Up in C '. They always tried to improve their Hip hop knowledge more than trying to be famous. So they waited for years .

Mean time Bounce befriended with Dog Loco and introduced Eighty to him. Dog Loco and Eighty acceded to make a new Hiphop crew NWO under a new record lable LocoHood Entertainment. As Bounce is more in to streets , NWO members put him as the ambassador of them when it comes to the NWOs' Connection with street gangs in Milano.

Influences and rapping technique

Bounce is a gangsta rapper often bringing dark hardcore themes and he was influenced by Easy E and Ice Cube a lot. He got a soft vocal delivery and he raps about his true life experiences he is having on the way he walks from his family to Urban streets. He is the only old school rapper in NWO except Eighty.

Personal Life

Bounce is having a relationship with a Sri Lankan girl , Sandra Gattuwanage( Kiki ) .