Black Mafia Family

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The Black Mafia Family is a street gang founded by brothers Demetrius Big Meech Flenory & Terry Southwest T Flenory in the early 1980's in Atlanta, Georgia. Members are known to wear the color black to show affiliation to the gang. They are rivals to several other street gangs, such as La Gran Familia, La Raza Nation,Los Rosados Nation, Crips, Hoover Criminals, Bloods, Brims, Pirus, Tiny Rascals, Oriental Outlaws, and several other street gangs.

The gang is known not only for the wearing of the color black, but also known to represent the Six Point Star Of David as their symbol. One of the reasons they use this symbol is because one of their founders Demetrius Big Meech Flenory's middle name is David, so the symbol is used in honor of him. This gang is not and has never been apart of the Folk Nation, they always remaind an independent street gang.

There are several celebrities with ties to the Black Mafia Family, especially in the hip hop & r&b world. Music artists such as Jeezy, Lil Jeezy, Fabolous, Black Davinci, Ricky Rozay, and Usher Raymond all have or at one point had ties to the Black Mafia Familiy street gang.


  • This is a hand sign of the letter F which stands for Flenory which are the founders of the gang.


  • This is a six point star hand sign.









  • The Black Mafia Family is not and has never been apart of the Folk Nation. They are an independent street gang. Besides the Folk Nation is defunt nowadays, it doesn't exist anymore.
  • The Black Mafia Family started using the six point star symbol long before any Folk Nation street gang used it.
  • The Black Mafia Family members also say that BMF stands for Big Meech Flenory which is one of the gangs co-founders so they say this in honor of him.