Alpine Families

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Alpine Families

Founded By Ross “Wolfie” Davis

Years Active 1987-Present

Ethnicity Black and some Hispanic

Membership 120

Criminal Activities Drug Trafficking, Murder, Fraud, Identity Theft, Car Theft, Loan Sharking and Home Invasions

Allies Da Turf Holo, Almighty Infamous Outlaws, Players Gang, Zoner Nation, Black Squad Mafia Holo Families and Family Coalition

Rivals the Pure One's, Mercy Street Families and various other gangs


The Alpine became a gang under Ross “Wolfie” Davis. They set up control on 3rd street and Alpine. Ross would employ smaller gangs to join together as one under the Alpine umbra. Many times he gained his membership by fighting the leaders. He quickly grow the presence of 7 gangs under the Alpine umbra. These 7 gangs would push the Alpine moniker drawing names such as the Alpine Horsemen or the Alpine Tree's. The leader of the Black Alpines grow strong using the Alpine umbra to engage start up gangs to join up. They would quickly grow from a gang of 15 kids to a membership of 50. In 1990 they shared Baker Park with members of the Players gang. They quickly formed a lose alliance to share in the heroin protection racket. To gain further notoriety they gained access in the Villa recruiting a heavy Hispanic membership. In 1994 they would lose they're grounding in they founding area to the Pure One's gang. To gain it back they rush to the north side of the side taking on many strongholds increasing they're income with protection and small store robbers. During one of the robbers founder Ross was shot and bleed to death on the scene. The leader of the most powerful Alpine gang at the time stepped up and made affords to take back 3rd street from the Pure Ones. The war of the Alpines would last 2 years in the Alpine favor. In 1998 many indictments for Alpine members came down leading to many vacant slots. The younger members proved unable to control a vast territory end up breaking the Alpine gang into sections creating the Alpine Families. In 2006 the Alpines went to war with use to be ally the Players gang for control of Washington Street and Maple Road. The war end in Mercy Street favor only leaving Maple Street to Alpine which then Mercy want too. To gain friendly terms again with Players gang they offered to share the area. Players again went to war with Mercy Street for a profitable area with Mercy Street withdrawing in 2010 to engage in a civil war. Alpine would absorb many rival gangs against Mercy Street Families. By 2012 Alpine grow to a membership of 120 to create the Family Coalition. The FC Nation consisted of the Players gang (Families), Alpine Families, Casa (Families) and International Street gang (Families). They have since joined the Zoner Nation along side the Players gang and the Outlaws.


The Alpine Families are recognized by their Oakland Athletics outfits. But there colors are black and white. Members are known to throw up the gang sign by putting up and connecting there middle and index finger. They also connect and put up there pinky and ring. They then put there thumb to the side in throw it down to make a capital A and F which stands for Alpine Families. They also tattoo 1-6 on themselves which the number stands for the letter in the alphabet 1=A, 6=F(16=Alpine Families 16-Power).


Members are born in Alpine controlled territories or are jumped in by 4 members for a minute. They are then Alpine for life and are required to put in work that consisted of making money for the gang or killing a rival.

Alpine Families

  • 3rd Street Alpine Boys
  • Alpine Black Street Rockers
  • Alpine Horsemen
  • Alpine Baker Park Kids
  • Alpine Players (A joint gang with the Players and Alpine)
  • Alpine Youngsters
  • Alpine Outlaws (A joint gang with the Almighty Infamous Outlaws and Alpine)
  • Alpine Notorious ThugS (ANTS)
  • Alpine Devils
  • Alpine Sickos
  • Alpine Riders
  • Alpine West Bridge Mob


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