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Men who police say are members of the African Mafia gang pose for a photo inside a provincial jail in Headingley, Man. on Feb. 27, 2009. (Federal Department of Justice/Manitoba Corrections)

The African Mafia are a territorial street gang in Winnipeg, Manitoba derived of former members of the once formidable Mad Cowz gang. The origins of this gang can be arguably traced back to the shooting death of 14-year-old Sirak "Shaggy" Okbazion. Shaggy fled troubled Eritrea with his parents when he was 6, and moved to Canada at age 10. Unable to assimilate to Native-bred Canadian culture, Shaggy found himself selling cocaine for the Mad Cowz four years later. In August 2004, he was shot three times through the chest outside a crack house; a victim in a high-stakes war with B-Side, a more established Aboriginal street gang. Infighting among the Mad Cowz over avenging Shaggy's murder, along with disagreement over the distribution of funds amongst its members, led to an acrimonious split. Tension beget violence in 2005 as the African Mafia fought for control of the drug trade in a corner of Winnipeg's west end. Their enemies include the Mad Cowz, B-Side, Most Organized Brothers and the Indian Posse. They are clicked up with the Native Syndicate.


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A.Ms are known to be rolling with central & some UN prospects in the pen right now.