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The East Side (E/S) 69 East Coast Crips, also referred to as the "The Shacc Boys" or the "Death Lane Crips", are a small but long standing African American Street gang formed in the 1960s in East Los Angeles, California. The 69 East Coast Crips are a subset of the larger East Coast Crips umbrella gang. Additionally, this gang is a faction of the 6 Pacc; arguably the most active faction of the East Coast Crips in regards to violent criminal activities. This particular set's neighborhood is centered around apartment buildings around 69th Street and Main Street, also known as "Death lane" in reference to the many casualties attributed to gang violence [1]. The 69 East Coast Crips falls under the Neighbor Hood Crips card and are allies of all deuce(2x) and Rollin 0s gangs in addition to their East Coast Crip alliances. Over the years, the East Coast Crips have developed rivalries with a number of both Blood and Crip gangs. Some of their fiercest Blood rivals include the Mad Swan Bloods, Family Swan Bloods and the 92 Be-Bopp Watts Bishops. Crip rivals include the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Avalon Gangster Crips and the Broadway Gangster Crips. The 69 ECC are also rivals of all Hoover Criminals. Additionally, factions of the East Coast Crips are also engaged in a bitter rivalry with the Mexican Mafia backed Florencia 13 due to the on-going race war between South Los Angeles gangs [2]. It should be noted that factions of the 6 Pacc have been known to war with each other from time to time as well. For a brief period of time, the 69 East Coast Crips had a feud with both the 66 East Coast Crips and the 62 East Coast Neighbor Hood Crips during the 1990s. Despite falling under the "deuce(2x)" card, the 69 East Coast Crips have a long standing and friendly relationship with gangs falling under the Tray(3x) card such as the 42 Gangster Crips, 43 Gangster Crips, 48 Gangster Crips, 87 Gangster Crips and 97 Gangster Crips. This alliance is known as the "Movin' Coast to Coast" alliance.

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