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The West Side (W/S) 59 Hoover Criminals Gang, also known as the "5-Nine Hoover Criminals Gang" and formerly known as the "59 Hoover Crips", are a small yet long standing African-American street gang located in the western district of South Los Angeles, California. The 59 Hoovers originated in the 1970’s as a sub-set of the larger Hoover Criminals Gang. They were once highly visible with their territory being situated between Slauson Avenue in the north to Gage Avenue in the south between Vermont Avenue and the Harbor 110 Freeway in the east, but demographic changes in this neighborhood has transformed it from an African-American majority into a Hispanic one, dwindling down their numbers. Additionally, they were pushed east off of Vermont Avenue by the Harvard Park Brims. 59 Hoovers' neighborhood sits directly in between the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips and the 74 Hoover Criminals Gang; their closest allies. Other allies include the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. The 59 Hoovers are considered rivals of all Neighbor Hood Crips including the 6 Pacc East Coast Crips, the 67 Neighbor Hood Crips, Rollin 30s Harlem Crips, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips and the Rollin 100s Crips. The 59 Hoovers used to rival the 62 Brims but are currently engaged in an unofficial ceasefire in order to concentrate their efforts against the Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips. Due to their large list of enemies and dwindling turf, it's very common to see 52 Hoover Gangster Crips and 59 Hoover Criminals Gang in each others neighborhoods.


59 & 52 Hoovers "Hit-Up" Disrespecting their rivals. This particular Hit up was crossed out by a Rival Mexican Gang

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