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The East Side (E/S) Miller Gangster Bloods are an African American street gang formed in the east side of South Central, Los Angeles in the 1970's. Their territory reaches south of the 105 Freeway to 120th Street in the south (the 120 Miller Gangsters being the largest sub set), between Avalon Blvd. in the west and Central Avenue to the east. This gang is cliqued up and share a long history with the Athens Park Bloods. Graffiti barring the tag "Athens Miller" can be found scrawled on the walls in both gangs territory; indicating the strong relationship between the two. Other allies include the Village Town Piru, West Side Pirus, the Hacienda Village Bloods and the Campanella Park Pirus. The Miller Gangster Bloods are long time and bitter rivals of the 118 East Coast Blocc Crips, their most fiercest rivalry to date. Other rivals include the 116 Avalon Gangster Crips, Holmes Street Watts Crips, 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips and the 116 Kitchen Crips. East Coast founder of the United Blood Nation in New York O.G Mack claimed to have family in this gang who supposedly sanctioned him to start his own chapter of the Bloods in New York City.

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118 Street Miller Gangster Bloods

119 Street (or "Nine Block") Miller Gangster Bloods

120th Street (or "Dub Block") Miller Gangster Bloods


Interview With Founder's Son of Miller Gangster Bloods in South LA