117 Holmes Street Watts Crips

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The East Side (E/S) 117 Holmes Street Watts Crips ("ES 117WC"), also known as the "7th Street Watts Crips", are a long standing African American street gang formed in the 1970's in the Willowbrook district of Los Angeles County. Their territory is located south of the Glen Anderson Freeway along 117th Street between Willmington Avenue and Compton Avenue. This gang falls under the East Side Crips and Watts Crips card, and are a sub-set of the Holmes Street Watts Crips along with the 118 Holmes Street Watts Crips. Their main rivals are the Mona Park Compton Crips but they are also enemies of the PJ Watts Crips as well as the Bounty Hunters Watts. Members of the 117 Street Watts Crips are known to sport the traditional blue color associated with the Crips, and most recently, began wearing all blue Washington Nationals sports apparel to signify the Watts Crips card. They will usually put up "7th Street Watts Crips" in their "hit-ups" as opposed to "117" as to not be confused with the Compton Varrio 117.

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