112 Broadway Gangster Crips

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112 Broadway Gangster Crips "Hit-Up". The letters "O" and "A" were replaced with "112" to indicate that particular set of the larger Broadway Gangster Crips gang.

The West Town (W/T) 112 Broadway Gangster Crips are a predominately African-American street gang founded on the west side of South Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s. This gang falls under the Broadway Gangster Crips/Gangster Crips card and are friendly towards most gangs under the same umbrella. Their closest allies are the 52 Broadway Gangster Crips, the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips, 88 Avalon Garden Crips, 116 Avalon Gangster Crips, 116 Kitchen Crips, the 102 Budlong Gangster Crips, Eight Tray Gangster Crips, 52 Hoover Gangster Crips and the 51 Trouble Gangster Crips. Their main Crip rivals are the East Coast Crips; specifically the Q102 East Coast Crips and the 118 East Coast Blocc Crips. They also rival all Neighbor Hood Crips, the 87 Gangster Crips, 97 Gangster Crips, Twilight Zone Compton Crips and the 98 Main Street Mafia Crips. Their main Blood rivals are the LA Denver Lane Bloods. Other Blood rivals include the Bounty Hunters Watts, Hacienda Village Bloods, Miller Gangster Bloods, Athens Park Bloods, Village Town Piru and the Circle City Piru. Unlike the 52 Broadway Gangster Crips, the 112 Broadway Gangster Crips are enemies of all Hoover Criminals except for the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips who retained their "Gangster Crip" identity where as the other Hoover Criminal sets claim "CK" or "Crip Killer".

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Violence Punctuates Truce Between Bloods and Crips : Gangs: Rivalry-Based Killings Have Declined Since The Spring Accord. But Other Reasons Can Lead to Slayings.