Westside Outlaws

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The Westside Outlaws used to be known as The West Central Outlaws they are a Aboriginal, Meti and Filipino territorial street gang in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This gang only had about 10-20 members tops when they first started in 2004 of mostly teens with couple Adults who were known to call the shots for this gang till they grew larger now estimated around 50-60 members of Adults & teens in the West Central & Westend Neighborhoods of Winnipeg, The gang is still run by two leaders and They've have been around since 2004 their known for drug traffiking their colors are Black & Grey, their main Rival would be the Indian Posse in the Westend of Winnipeg. enemies also unclude the Mad Cowz, B-Side gangs they have also known to been in a few fights with a couple the Rap Groups known has WestBrook Records and Heatbag Records.

you never hear of these guys anymore either.