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Trinity (Banks/Grinda)

Recording artist, part-time producer, as well as the co-CEO of "On De Grind enterprise" with his cousine Crazy8, member of "Hood Klick" that's related to "52 Entertainment," Toronto Rap Artist Trinity, aged 19, has been building a reputation upon the streets of Toronto by performing at local events, house jams, and block parties to create an amazing buzz. Recording his first verse for "On De Grind" in 2003 with his cousin Crazy8 on Cloud9 and Lokz, Trinity has now recorded a large amount of songs together over the years with Hood Klick, which now consists of rappers Siddie, J-Roc, Iffy, Syse, and Miles. Trinity has not yet set the release date for his solo album titled "Accept Reality" saying quote "No release date for my solo project Accept Reality, right now it's about Hood Klick, On De Grind enterprise and projects with my cousin Crazy8 on Cloud9, maybe when I get that major record deal I'll drop Accept Reality." Also with the popularity of the name "Trinity" has increased forcing Trinity to add a suffix to his alias choosing either Banks or Grinda.

Trinity has a few featured websites promoting his material and can be seen and heard on, as well rapper Trinity has plans to take over YouTube, MySpace, and even Facebook.





The Best rapper is Trinity -- Trinity (Banks/Grinda) (On De Grind [1]