The Disiplines

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"The Disiplines"

A group composed of Omar "The Threat" Nimri and Matt "The Prophecy" Myers. The Threat, who is the brains behind the group, comes from Y.O.(Yonkers), NY and The Prophecy, who is the main lyricist, comes from Poughkeepsie, NY. The group's debut mixtape album was called "The 7 Deadly Sins." Both these rappers met in 8th grade and continued with their carrers. But tradigedy struck as the group split up in January 2005. This was because strucken with anger for getting turned down by Ruff Ryders Records, The Prophecy broke away from the group ending it. The Threat is currently trying to reform the group. He is currently rapping under the name A-rab. The group takes inspiration from rap legends 2pac and The Notorious B.I.G.

List of songs written and performed by The Disiplines:

The Prince, Devil's Diary, Pain (most famous;first song ever written) Military Minds, Backflip, Die Today, Power Lost, The Art of War, Take U to My Hood, Seconds of Death, The 7 Deadly Sins

written by: Jessica "The Big O" Ou