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u guys are retards i use to be a crazy dragon and we r not allied with the angels theres a delicate truce but we are allied with i p so get ure info right 373

who the fuck are you your page is the biggest joke!!?!/i must know u directly or indirectly loike y dont u just write me and my brothers name SGC members that join crazy dragons i dont appreaticte that shit, funkin punks lmu is a one man crew and for the record ure a fuckin G-O-O-F. get the facts strait

I'm CD and i know whoever wrote that CD is bitches is a fuckin dumbass. CD is the crew that upped edmontons murder rate and has helped out a lot of kids who are going nowhere actually make money. Whoever wrote CD's rivals with IP and allies with HA is a fuckin idiot.

fucking dumasses

i aint no fucking CD but i know a couple in there. They aint fucking allies with the HA...thats fuckin bullshit. I also know people in the HA and they say they aint allies with the CD. This is all fucking bullshit. Im a girl and I know more shit then this person who fucking wrote this.