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Gregory Wooley: leader of the Syndicate gang and only black full-patch member of the Hell's Angels who was arrested by police in a sting dubbed "Operation Springtime" in 2001. He is currently surving a 4 1/2 year sentence.

Police describe the Syndicate as an affiliate gang of the Hell's Angels' Montreal chapter founded by Gregory Wooley; a former member of The Rockers MC. Founded in 1998, the Syndicate is a street gang with significant control over cocaine trafficking in Montreal-North and is made up primarily of Haitian immigrants or African Canadians of Caribbean descent. The Syndicate are part of a larger group collectively known in Montreal as the Crips or "Blues". Because of their traditionally racist recruitment requirements, members of the Syndicate are not groomed to become future members of the Hells Angels and have no desire in doing so, unlike other puppet gangs associated with the Hells Angels. The Syndicate played a significant role in helping the Trois Rivieres chapter of the Hells Angels take over the void left by the Nomads in the late 1990's. Their allies include the Hells Angels, Crack Down Posse and the 67's. Their enemies include the Bo-Gars and the Rizzuto Crime Family. Dany Cadet-Sprinces and Emmanuel Zephir are also considered high-ranking members of this gang, and was pegged on the streets as the "untouchables".


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