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Lanyards are ropes or cords usually used to hold or secure an object also ensure that is it is visible by all times. Lanyards are perfect for key chains to secure your keys or can be worn all over your neck or wrist to carry something you complete not want to lose or forget. In using craft lace also subsequent some simple knotting pattern, you may create homemade lanyards.

Difficulty: Tolerably Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Craft lace

Advocate Edits

1 Cut pair strands regarding craft lace. While there is no place measurement, they will need to be around twice as long as you want the lanyard to be since you will be folding the lace with fifty percent to create the lanyard.

2 Hold two strands regarding craft lace collectively, and fold them in half.

3 Tie a knot near the top about the craft lace, close to the end wherever the folded edge is so the strands are held securely together also you now include any bundle containing four strands.

4 Pass on the four bits of craft lace similarly apart, so that the knot yous now at the center of the bundle and each and every strand comes out on a diverse direction from the center facing north, south, east and west.

5 Hold the west string close to the knot, plus place it over the north string.

6 Cross the north string over the east string so that the north string will cover either west and east lace strings.

9 Generate your initial knot, enclosing the strings tightly.

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Repeat the process about west over north, north over east, east around south, and southerly over west, pulling the strings tightly after each and every completion regarding the pattern, until you need reached the end of your lanyard.

11 Tie the conclusion of your lanyard within a secure knot. You might need to trim the finishs so they are even. Other choice for keeping the lanyard securely jointly is to melt the finishs of the lanyard for a lighter. Use caution when attempting this method.


I Love India: How To Generate A Lanyard

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