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OG T. Rodgers was born and raised in Chicago and moved to California in 1969. Still a teenager, T Rodgers was asked by the Black P Stone Nation to start a California division. In Los Angeles the Crips had already created a reputation of being senselessly violent towards their own. So T Rodgers continued to build a nation. He began in Jefferson Park, and he ended up building one of the most notorious Blood sets in LA, creating a money making empire, and making the Jungle in LA a haven for Bloods. Through a constant effort to gain community support and the sharing of knowledge and discipline in martial arts T Rodgers and the Blackstone Nation in South Central gained tremendous respect from the Crips and the community alike. A few of the basic rules T laid out for the members beneath him was no rape, no robbery, no malicious mischief, and no bloodshed between Bloods. According to T Rodgers there were five principles of Blackstone: love, peace, truth, freedom, and justice. Members and sets were required to talk disagreements out. The new generation of gang members unfortunatly do not adhere to this code.


T was the first ex-gang leader to train the L.A., Portland and Inn Police and Department of Corrections.

-T was the first ex-gang leader to train forest fire fighters.

-T is a community activist, gangologist, and consultant.

-T gives away turkeys twice a year.

-T does anger management, community organization, conflict resolution, human proficiency, rumor control, strategization, technical advisory, and conflict management.

"There is no creature called an gang expert...the creature does not exist"

- T Rodgers

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