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The Norteños [noɾ'teɲos] (Spanish: Northerners, Norteñas for females), are the various, loosely affiliated street gangs that pay tribute to the Nuestra Familia while in Federal and State correctional facilities. Norteños may refer to Northern California as Norte, Spanish for "north." Their biggest rivals are the Sureños from Southern California.The statewide dividing line between Norteños and Sureños has roughly been accepted as the rural community of Delano, California




Cypress Park XIV

500 Block Norte

Villiage Way Locos

Varrio Santa Rosa Norte

Lil Mexican Gangsters

Lane Drive Homiez

Palmetto Boyz

South Side Park 14

La Familia Nortenos

East Side Mateo x4

5th St. Norte

Brown St. Norte

Vato Loco Norteno

Varrio Brown Pride Norte

Del Paso Heights

Varrio Chico London

North Side Locos

West Side San Mateo

Centre Valley Nortenos

Garden Block Nortenos

Villiage Drive

Varrio Underwood Reales

West Side Merced

21st St. Norte

Vatos Locos Latinos

14th St. Norte

Acorns Locos 14

Varrio Centro Lodi

East Las Casitas

East Side Stockton

East Side Oakland

Dead End Locos

38th St. Norte

Don't Give A Fuck

East Las Palmas

Out Suicidal Kings

Merced Ghetto Boys

Sinner Click

10th St. Norte

East Side Gangsters

Varrio Centro Fairlas

Parkway Locos

Freemont St. Norte

South Sac King

Young Newark Locs

North Side Mafia

Fresno Bulldogs