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The Rap Dictionary

The Rap Dictionary is the oldest and ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

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Currently the Rap Dictionary consists of 8,719 content pages.


Learn about the rap lingo; get educated.

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New terms

Teflon, wodie, shottas, hard body, lock it down, snatch, buck-fifty, get XXX'd, la vida loca, Chucks, geeked, Eagle, chuuch, goodies, tip drill, stiletto, ASAP, stunner, hollow tips, Sucka Free, lean back, jigga, Dirty South, pop lock, catch a bad one, skelly, G.E.D., cherry six four, SK, hova, G pack, PNC, ghetto, one love, stripes, whoopty woop, Jesus piece, double R, prone, Daytona, caine, poppin' tags, turf, fofo, death row, soulja, feel