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|namespace = {{NAMESPACE}}
|namespace = {{NAMESPACE}}
|format = <table>,<tr><td>\n<h2>Pick of the day: [[%PAGE%]]</h2></td></tr><tr><td>,</td></tr>,</table>
|format = <table>,<tr><td>\n<h2>Pick of the day: [[%PAGE%]]</h2></td></tr><tr><td>,</td></tr>,</table>

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The Rap Dictionary

The Rap Dictionary is the oldest and ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

Wow... The Rap Dictionary went wik-wik-Wiki! This means that you can now edit virtually anything! Feel that itch to educate the masses? Feel that responsibility of keeping the Rap Dictionary real? Welcome to the world of edutainment! Just set up your login and you're ready to go.

Currently the Rap Dictionary consists of 8,681 content pages.


Learn about the rap lingo; get educated.

(nouns, verbs, adjectives, interjections, gangs or geography)


Who is who? You will find info on your favorite artist.

(groups, labels, MCs, DJs or producers)

%DPL-1.6.8-WARNING: No results!

Just some terms

213, B-Zar, Bank, Bank Row, Bozack, 'zack, Charleswood, Cop my steezy, Crissy, Dolo, Fat Boys, Fuck Boy, Furilla, Go Go Music, Graph Nobel, Jekill, Joint, Jonny Rox, K-OS, Kid Frost, Lord Have Mercy, MCA, Master Killer, Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Mike Air, Milk the Cow, Milkshake, Outsidaz, Pad, Pape & Danforth, Park Village Compton Crips, Pete Nice, Plats, Pot, Pruno, Rake, Road dog, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Sam Sneed, Sherm, Spoonie Gee, Thang, The Bridge, Thorncliffe Park, Time Bomb, Tone Capone, Vegas, White Boy Posse, Whodini, Wodie, Youngin

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