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==[[Wishlist|New terms]]==
==[[Wishlist|New terms]]==
[[C.O.]], [[E.I.]], [[cold]], [[dip set]], [[Chandon]], [[ahizzead]], [[sav]], [[Escobar]], [[D.E.C.]], [[The Game]], [[tipsy]], [[cop]], [[run with]], [[joint]], [[deep cover]], [[wiz]], [[contact]], [[QC]], [[01]], [[Bone Crusher]], [[Black Child]], [[Caddillac Tah]], [[Cassidy]], [[Fabolous]], [[Freeway]], [[I-20]], [[Jazze Pha]], [[Jimmy Jones]], [[Jinx Da Juvy]], [[Juelz Santana]], [[Jungle]], [[Knoc-Turn'al]], [[Lady Luck]], [[Lil' Scrappy]], [[Lloyd Banks]], [[Peedi Crakk]], [[Petey Pablo]], [[Remy Martin]], [[Shawnna]], [[Soopafly]], [[Stack Bundles]], [[T.I.]], [[Time Bomb]], [[Trina]], [[Twista]], [[Vita]], [[Wiz]], [[Young Buck]], [[Young Merc]], [[Yung Wun]], [[scrub]], [[coon]], [[buddha]].
[[Ali]], [[Baby]], [[Big Kap]], [[Bizarre]], [[Bun-B]], [[Chingy]], [[D-12]], [[Disturbing Tha Peace]], [[DJ Kay Slay]], [[DJ Toomp]], [[Eminem]], [[Fate Wilson]], [[G-Dep]], [[Jodie Mack]], [[Kon Artis]], [[Kuniva]], [[Kyjuan]], [[Lil' Jon]], [[Ludacris]], [[Mannie Fresh]], [[Murphy Lee]], [[Pimp C]], [[Proof]], [[State Property]], [[St. Lunatics]], [[Stat Quo]], [[Swifty McVay]], [[Titti Boi]], [[U.G.K.]], [[Young Chris]], [[Young Gunz]], [[Young Neef]], [[Fifth]],, [[7 Aurelius]], [[Alchemist]], [[Beat-N-Azz]], [[Big Stan]], [[Big Tymers]], [[Bink]], [[Black Key]], [[Boo]], [[Bruce Waynne]], [[Butch Cassidy]], [[Charli Baltimore]], [[Chink Santana]], [[Choppa]], [[Comp]], [[Consquence]], [[David Banner]], [[D-Bo]], [[Dirtbag]], [[Dirty Swift]], [[DJ Clark Kent]], [[DJ Clue]], [[DJ Envy]], [[DJ Green Lantern]], [[DJ Sickamore]], [[DJ S&S]], [[D.O. Cannons]], [[Doc Da Butcher]], [[D-Roc]], [[D-Tay]], [[Frayser Boy]], [[Fred Wreck]], [[Gilly]], [[Goldie Loc]], [[Gotti]], [[Ice Shuler]], [[Irv Gotti]], [[Jacki-O]], [[J-Bo]], [[J-Kwon]], [[Jody Breeze]], [[Just Blaze]], [[Kaine]], [[Keak Da Sneak]], [[KLC]], [[Kokane]], [[Lac]], [[La Chat]], [[Lil' Flip]], [[Lil' Wyte]], [[Loon]], [[Magnolia Shorty]], [[Midi Mafia]], [[Mr. Devine]], [[Ms. Jade]], [[Nitty]], [[P. Killer Trackz]], [[Pitbull]], [[Rush Da Red Spyda]], [[Ronnie Bumps]], [[Roscoe P. Coldchain]], [[Sean Paul]], [[Ski]], [[Skull Duggery]], [[Sleepy Brown]], [[Stone]], [[Tha Eastsidaz]], [[Tray Deee]], [[White Boy]], [[Ying Yang Twins]], [[Youngbloodz]], [[213]], [[Beanie Sigel]], [[Buddie]], [[Clipse]], [[Crunchy Black]], [[Dem Franchise Boyz]], [[DJ Eque]], [[DJ Mick Boogie]], [[DJ Scratchator]], [[Doo Wop]], [[E.D.I.]], [[Elite]], [[Eve]], [[Fatal Hussein]], [[Freekey Zekey]], [[Gangsta Boo]], [[Icepick Jay]], [[Jay-Mac]], [[Jae Millz]], [[Jizzal Man]], [[Kastro]], [[Killer Mike]], [[Kilo G]], [[M.O.P.]], [[Malice]], [[Mr. Fingaz]], [[Nate Dogg]], [[Parlae]], [[Pimp Daddy]], [[Pimpin']], [[Precision]], [[Pusha Ton]], [[Shane Bogg]], [[Shondrae]], [[Slimm Calhoun]], [[Sqad Up]], [[Tony Touch]], [[Young Noble]], [[Young Zee]], [[Z-Ro]], [[virgo]], [[dro]], [[cop out]], [[screwed and chopped]], [[pimp pens]], [[whood wheel]], [[vapors]], [[st. lou]], [[Vickies]]

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Ali, Baby, Big Kap, Bizarre, Bun-B, Chingy, D-12, Disturbing Tha Peace, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Toomp, Eminem, Fate Wilson, G-Dep, Jodie Mack, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Kyjuan, Lil' Jon, Ludacris, Mannie Fresh, Murphy Lee, Pimp C, Proof, State Property, St. Lunatics, Stat Quo, Swifty McVay, Titti Boi, U.G.K., Young Chris, Young Gunz, Young Neef, Fifth,, 7 Aurelius, Alchemist, Beat-N-Azz, Big Stan, Big Tymers, Bink, Black Key, Boo, Bruce Waynne, Butch Cassidy, Charli Baltimore, Chink Santana, Choppa, Comp, Consquence, David Banner, D-Bo, Dirtbag, Dirty Swift, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Clue, DJ Envy, DJ Green Lantern, DJ Sickamore, DJ S&S, D.O. Cannons, Doc Da Butcher, D-Roc, D-Tay, Frayser Boy, Fred Wreck, Gilly, Goldie Loc, Gotti, Ice Shuler, Irv Gotti, Jacki-O, J-Bo, J-Kwon, Jody Breeze, Just Blaze, Kaine, Keak Da Sneak, KLC, Kokane, Lac, La Chat, Lil' Flip, Lil' Wyte, Loon, Magnolia Shorty, Midi Mafia, Mr. Devine, Ms. Jade, Nitty, P. Killer Trackz, Pitbull, Rush Da Red Spyda, Ronnie Bumps, Roscoe P. Coldchain, Sean Paul, Ski, Skull Duggery, Sleepy Brown, Stone, Tha Eastsidaz, Tray Deee, White Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Youngbloodz, 213, Beanie Sigel, Buddie, Clipse, Crunchy Black, Dem Franchise Boyz, DJ Eque, DJ Mick Boogie, DJ Scratchator, Doo Wop, E.D.I., Elite, Eve, Fatal Hussein, Freekey Zekey, Gangsta Boo, Icepick Jay, Jay-Mac, Jae Millz, Jizzal Man, Kastro, Killer Mike, Kilo G, M.O.P., Malice, Mr. Fingaz, Nate Dogg, Parlae, Pimp Daddy, Pimpin', Precision, Pusha Ton, Shane Bogg, Shondrae, Slimm Calhoun, Sqad Up, Tony Touch, Young Noble, Young Zee, Z-Ro, virgo, dro, cop out, screwed and chopped, pimp pens, whood wheel, vapors, st. lou, Vickies