Eazy-E vs. Dr. Dre feud

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From the late 80's to early 90's, one West Coast crew reigned supreme: NWA. Somewhat of a West Coast gansta rap answer to Public Enemy, the 5-man group consisted of Ice Cube, Eazy E, Dr Dre, MC Ren and DJ Yella (plus honorary member, The DOC). With the group's enormous success, it wasn’t long before they had a home at Eazy’s new pet label Ruthless Records.

Ice Cube was the first to leave for financial reasons, going on to start successful group and solo projects. While he and the rest of the group–including Dre–traded diss tracks, it wasn’t long before DOC and his then-bodyguard/manager/acquaintance Suge Knight discovered that Eazy and his own manager Jerry Heller were indeed stealing money from the group, Dre included.

In August 1991, Eazy-E filed a state court complaint against Dr. Dre, Death Row Records executive Suge Knight, and The D.O.C. alleging that the defendants used "duress" and "menace" to get Eazy-E to void his exclusive contracts with Dre and The D.O.C.. In October of the next year Ruthless Records sued Dr. Dre's Death Row Records and accused Dre's label of racketeering. The suit was dismissed on August 9, 1993.

Dr. Dre and new protege Snoop Dogg took shot's at Eazy-E and Jerry Heller on Dre's debut "The Chronic" with the songs "Fuck Wit Dre Day", "The Chronic Intro", and "Bitche's Ain't shit".

In response, Eazy-E released a second solo album, "It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa" with songs "It's On", "Real Muthaphukkin G's", "Still A Nigga", "Exxtra Special Thanks", and "Down 2 tha Last Roach".

Snoop Dogg responded with a live freestyle dissing Eazy-E on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Eazy-E and Tha Dogg Pound engaged in a live argument live on Eazy-E's radio show in 1993.

Tha Dogg Pound, responded with "What Would You Do" which took shots at Eazy-E and his associates B.G. Knocc Out and Dresta.

Ruthless Records artists Kokane and Cold 187um responded with "Don't Bite The Funk".

Eazy-E released his fifth solo album "Muthapphukkin Streets of Compton", taking shots at Death Row on the songs "Ole School Shit" and "What Would U Do".

In 1995, Eazy-E died from aids, ending the feud with Dr. Dre and Death Row.

Kurupt revived the feud with Ruthless on the song "Dogg Pound Gangsta" dissing Ruthless group Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Bone Thugs responds on the songs "Shots to tha Double Glock" and "Mo Murda".

B.G. Knocc Out and Dresta release "DPG/Killa".

Tha Dogg Pound responded with "Pussys For Eazy", which was removed from their debut "Dogg Food"