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The Denver Lane Bloods in Los Angeles have two different neighborhoods in the County, one in South LA and the other in the City of Pasadena. In LA, their neighborhood is represented by main three cliques (but there is more of them) : 106th Street, 108th Street, and 109th Street and they are located near Figueroa and Century. This gang is also located in other cities such as Pasadena under monikers such as the Pasadena Denver Lanes. In Los Angeles, their main rivalry is with the Raymond Avenue Crips. The Denver Lane Bloods have lost more than 40 members through the years.

Denver+Lane+Blood+gang+graffiti.jpg dlb6_op.jpg

A few notes just to clear some things up:

1: they have the following subsets: 106th, 108th, 109th, 111th, 115th, 119th, FRG (Figueroa Rider Gang) and IRG (Imperial Rider Gang).

2: have an family tight alliance with the Crenshaw Mafia Gang, known as The Mafia Lane or "Denver Mafias"

3: they also got a tight alliance with Athens Park Bloods, sometimes called "Athens Lanes"

4: they wear LA Dodgers hats, with the letters N-E-S customized on it, so it spells Lanes.

5: have pushed 11-Duece Hoover Criminals Gang up off their turf: which is 112th Street and Hoover Avenue.

6: have had Blood rivalries with Campanella Park Pirus, they also fueded with the Inglewood Neighbor Hood Pirus due to their alliance with the Crenshaw Mafia Gang.

7: has had a truce with the Broadway Gangster Crips, who are basically their enemies, but that currently doesn't stand.

8: main allies include: Crenshaw Mafia Gang, Athens Park Bloods, Harvard Park Brims, Blood Stone Villians.

10: Rappers B-Brazy, Peanut 2 and Lil' Laniak 2 who appeared on the Damu Ridas album were from this gang. They're all dead.

11: Some members of the Denver Lane Bloods had some tensions with some members of the Crenshaw Mafia Gang, after some youngsters from the CMG mistook a DLB member for a Hard Time Hustler Crip member, as this one was wearing some HTH specific clothes, and then accidentally killed him.

Other ennemies : East Coast Crips, 52 Hoover Gangster Crips, 83 Hoover Criminals Gang, 107 Hoover Criminals Gang, 92 Hoover Criminals Gang, all Hoover gangs in general, Hard Time Hustlers, Gardena Paybacc Crips


  • Dick Lickers
  • Licks
  • Lames
  • Dirty Lames

Deceased members

  • Tiny D Bone aka KS 1. Shot and killed in February 2013 on the 109th street of the Denver Lane Bloods turf.
  • James Hill aka Mook / Shoota. He died at 45, he suffered several gunshot wounds to his body after he was shot in the 10800 block of Grand Avenue.
  • O.O.O.G Peabody
  • O.O.G Ricky Lane
  • Evil AL
  • B-Brazy. His name was Bruce Anthony Parish Jr. Famous rapper from the group "Damu Ridas". He was shot and killed May 9 2003 by a Mexican gang.
  • Pigeon
  • Peanut 1.
  • Peanut 2. The brother of Peanut 1.
  • K-Tone 2
  • Krock
  • Loko Will 1
  • Woody Lanes
  • Big Yoda
  • Gangsta Kricket
  • Joker Face
  • Lil Laniak 2. The little brother of Big Laniak. While he was with his kid, he was shot and killed by the Campenella Park Pirus.
  • Big Laniak. The older brother of Lil Laniak 2. He was set up and killed with Kriket, Molintha and Koko in a drug deal.
  • Kowboy
  • Jay Dee 2
  • Mookie
  • Flacky Bee
  • Psycho Mike
  • Big Grim Lok
  • Big Lil' Brother
  • Midnight
  • Vick Rock
  • Lil' Lee Bee
  • G-Sexx
  • G-Will
  • Baby Hangout HK 3. He was from the 108th street. Died in 2008.
  • Woody
  • Ju Ju
  • Baby B-Lok
  • G-Redd. He was from the 111th street. Died in 2009.
  • Knuckles. He was from the 115th street. Died in 2009.
  • Molintha. Was killed with Big Laniak, Kriket and Koko in a drug deal. She was shot in the head and in the stomach while she was pregnant.
  • Koko
  • Baby Mackie
  • Frog Dogg
  • Red
  • Dean
  • Tall Kan
  • Lil' Rob. Shot and killed in September 2013 at the age of 36 on the 111th street of the Denver Lane Bloods turf.
  • Ray Dogg 1
  • Lil' Suge
  • Baby Popa Smurf


Soldier Accused in Gang Shooting

DEA Investigation Targets Pasadena Drug Gang

9 People Linked to Denver Lanes Bloods Indicted on Federal Charges


Peanut 2 (deceased)


Some DLs


Lil' Laniak 2 (deceased) from 106st and J Stone from 108st


Bat Mike (incarcerated), CKT (incarcerated) and Mont 2


O.G Kriket (CMG), B-Brazy (DLB, deceased) and Lil' Hawk (CMG, incarcerated)


Some deceased members of DLB


On the right Lil' Laniak 2 (deceased)


G-Sexx (deceased)


From the left to the right : B-Brazy (DLB, deceased), Lil' Hawk (CMG, incarcerated), O.G Mad Eye (CMG, deceased), Tip Toe (CMG, deceased), Peanut 2 (DLB, deceased)


Mostly members of the Mafia Lane (Crenshaw Mafia + Denver Lane alliance)